4 Ways to Boost Culture Development

A happy employee is a productive employee, but the skills it takes to make an inclusive workplace are not always practiced by employers and executives. The Sandler Group has extensive experience in professional and effective culture development coaching to help you create a progressive workplace. To get you started, here are four tips on how to facilitate culture development.

Practice Good Ethics

Practicing ethics and good moral judgement is one of the most important steps in creating a positive workplace culture. That’s why it’s crucial to swiftly address incidents of discrimination, racism, sexism, or defamation. Behaviours such as gossiping and excluding coworkers should also be discouraged. When it comes to instilling ethics, it’s best to lead by example. This means always taking the high road in a dispute and defusing disputes calmly and always presenting your rationale.

Let Your Employees have a Sense of Freedom

Your employees don’t want to be micromanaged. Too many limitations on how employees should work through a project or go about their daily tasks will be seen as nothing but obstacles to overcome. The less obstacles your employees face, the more productive they will be.

Create an Engaging Office Floor Plan

You may not realize it, but your workplace’s floor plan can have a significant impact on your employees’ performance and comfort level. American businesses are typically built for extroverts, however most people function better in a more open and social workspace. This translates to workspaces that lack private work areas that may appeal to introverts, who perform better when working in a quiet, secluded space. It’s a good idea to keep both personality types in mind when designing or choosing a location for your business.

Take Time to Disconnect

You cannot make your life and the lives of your employees only about work. Expecting someone to arrive early and leave late every day is unrealistic and will only make that individual resent you. Your employees require a balance between life and work that enables them to feel they are capable of dealing with personal matters without having to worry about meeting their employer’s unrealistic expectations. For example, at the Facebook headquarters, they not only provide a relaxed vibe, but also encourage employees to mix work with play.

Follow these guide lines for boosting your workplace culture, and you will be sure to build a positive and productive working environment for employees as well as for yourself. Contact The Sandler Group today to take your first step in cultural development.