Executive Coaching for Startups

Silicon Valley is a place of tremendous opportunity and innovation. But so is San Diego.

When talking about a community of startups, both successful and on the cusp, the biggest challenges they face are often not raising capital, but rather internal issues, organization and people issues. Startups are often leaders who have little experience being in the top spot and maneuvering in the business world as well as dealing with challenges such as boards and coordinating as a team. That’s why executive coaching in California has become such a vital ingredient to startups because it provides much-needed guidance on how to build on accomplishments, while pushing forward as a team to foster innovation in their business practices both internally and externally.

“I’m a startup, why do I need a coach?”

You believe in your team and products. That’s why an outsider’s perspective is necessary to show you room for improvement that you yourself have yet to identify.

“If you’ve never dealt with a board before, then a coach isn’t going to guarantee that you will successfully deal with a board for the first time,” says Leland Sandler, president of The Sandler Group. “What they will do is put you in the position to have a perspective about dealing with the board. It’s a perspective about dealing with very difficult and challenging conversations and gaining the confidence in yourself that you’ll be able to deal with them.”

Not only do leaders of startups need to adapt a businessman mentality quickly, but also be forward-thinking. This requires practice. And with practice is quality feedback. That’s because an executive coach can help you to see the blind spots.

“The second thing is resilience. In today’s work world, it’s hard. It’s difficult and complex. The potential for either failure, mistakes or looking bad is particularly high. You want someone who steps into that,” Sandler says. “You want someone who is not “fearless” but something close. That’s what coaching does. It’s helping that person understand how they can become better in that manner.”

The Sandler Group involves listening carefully to your pain points and understanding your needs from your point of view. Therefore, your assumptions can be addressed and clarified to truly decipher the situation. However, not all executives are open to criticism.

“You can use the sports analogy. It’s like some of us who have played tennis or golf. If we get to a point where we want to up our game, then we can’t simply say ‘I’m going to think my way through it.’ It’s not going to work. We need someone who is excellent who’s going to help us move forward and get there fast.”


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