Leland Sandler presents and presides over the HR Transformation, Talent & Employee Engagement Conference– November 6-7, 2014 Zurich:

the-sandler-group-zurichLeland’s presentation, “Deliberately Developmental Organizations™” focused on a concept to make development of each employee a part of day to day life. He spoke to the trend of employees’ expenditure of energy at work in an attempt to hide their inadequacies from colleagues. Researchers believe that this is the single biggest cause of wasted resources in nearly every company today. His focus was on how some companies are committed to deeply integrating corporate results with personal growth—and all are highly successful businesses. The presentation shared what works: people working together, in meetings, in one-on-one sessions, and in the course of their everyday work, to get at the root causes of problems and devise more-productive ways of working together and achieving results