What is Executive Coaching and How Does It Work?

Competition is fierce and it’s pushing companies to meet increasingly higher demands. This requires your business to not only adapt by bringing in new talent, but also elevating your current staff. However, there’s one sure-fire way to put your company on the path to success – executive coaching.  Major companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Genentech have already taken advantage of expert guidance through executive coaching. To help decide whether your company can benefit from executive coaching, here’s everything you need to know:

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is enlisting the guidance of a professional to accelerate leadership development and foster a dynamic company culture.

“We all grow, mature and develop through a series of experiences over years and years. What a coach does is to compress the entire process down to a matter of months,” says Leland Sandler of the Sandler Group.

How Executive Coaching Help?

Executive coaching is not teaching leadership, but introducing an entirely new way of facilitating open communication and the sharing of perspectives so everyone benefits. Essentially, executive coaching involves improving and building on the skills of your existing executive team.

What is the Process?

Executive coaching involves four steps:

The first is communication. It’s key to uncovering what is missing in a leader’s vision for their business and what challenges are in their way of meeting their goals; in other words, their “blind spots” and the inaccurate assumptions that guide our behavior.

The second step is application. This involves applying skills, practices and techniques of an effective executive leadership.

The third step involves a series of Sandler Group-designed tests and experiments for your team to practice in order to identify weaknesses.

The last step is constructive criticism. An executive coach will provide frequent feedback so the client can consistently improve.

A Workplace Culture of Transformation

It’s not always leadership development that needs to be improved; a transformed workplace culture will have a significant influence on your company’s success.  Even if your leadership team has an impressive list of accomplishments, an executive coach can help you improve your workplace culture, by creating a more engaged, productive, and open environment.

“It’s having someone help you achieve excellence faster. That’s probably the simplest way that I could say it,” Sandler said.

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