John Furey

Senior Director Client Services, Mitchell International

“I wanted to give you another update. Last week I had a 1 on 1 with the SVP Client Services and her feedback was the following: “Everyone has noticed a huge shift on how I approach the business. The chip is off my shoulder, I’m more focused on the right things, and the leadership is definitely showing through more.” Wow! I’m laser focused on what’s in front of me, remaining humble, and bringing the value. As it turns out, this is the best revenue year I have ever achieved. I owe much of this to the the work we did together so I wanted to take a few minutes out and just thank you again.”

James M. Corbett

President and CEO, 
Vertos Medical Inc.
“I have known and worked with Leland for nearly 13 years, beginning with the first assignment he managed for me in 1998 at Boston Scientific Corporation. Leland’s experience and competence span a broad range of skills from Leadership and Organizational Development, Leading and Managing Organizational Change, Management Assessment, and Sales Force Execution. I have worked with Leland in all of these areas both domestically and internationally. He is willing to challenge the status quo, take the time to build new skills, provide meaningful and actionable feedback to those he is working with to accomplish the necessary company goals. I recommend Leland Sandler highly. His competence, integrity and effectiveness may be relied on.”

Tom Wilder

President & Chief Executive Officer, Sequent Medical, Inc.
“We retained Leland Sandler as an organizational adviser. I had not previously met Leland, but we clicked immediately. We undertook two initiatives. The first was an assessment of functional executive leadership. We concluded that some selective hiring at the top was urgently required, that at least one executive needed to depart the company shortly, and that several executives had potential. I recruited a Chief Commercial Officer to handle Sales, Marketing & Business Development. I eventually retained Leland as an executive advisor for this individual, who now serves as the CEO of a venture-backed device company. The second initiative involved an exercise to engage the broader leadership team. He engaged energetically with the group, found ways to gain participation in open discussions, and was able to connect our experience over the two days back to the realities of our workplace. I have found his input to be valuable, and would consider retaining him again as an executive advisor.”

Daniel M. Bradbury

Former President & CEO Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
“I have worked closely with Leland Sandler for over eight years. We first met when he was retained as a consultant to advise several of our high potential executives. We were so impressed with Leland’s work that we brought him on full time to design and implement a leadership development program at Amylin and to work with our senior leadership team on execution and development. He provided the structure needed to thoroughly evaluate our leaders, identify learning opportunities and outline strategies to maximize potential. His effective style and straightforward feedback fostered an environment for optimal growth in our leadership team and throughout the organization. We saw multiple examples of how Leland’s programs and personal engagement took executives to the next level of performance. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

C. Clark Jordan, PhD

Assistant Dean, Executive Education, Rady School of Management
“Leland Sandler has done an outstanding job in the several executive courses he has taught here at the Rady School of Management in both open enrollment and client customized programs. His area of expertise is in organizational development with an emphasis on leadership skill building to match the needs of the organization. Leland’s many years in industry provide him with the important insights executives seek when considering how concepts are effectively applied in the workplace. He is clear and concise in his presentations with a personality and energy that executives find very engaging. Further, the design of his courses, materials and classroom delivery optimally maximize the transference of knowledge and skill development. I highly recommend Leland Sandler as a senior level executive advisor.”

Andrew Zak

Sr. Director, Global Leadership & Organization Development, 
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
“I have had the pleasure to work with Leland Sandler on several occasions since 1998. He was instrumental in designing and delivering a complex key account system and leadership development program to Boston Scientific Corporation sales managers, globally. The program was tailored to reinforce strategic selling skills, metrics and programs that ultimately contributed to record sales. I was especially impressed by how content and style accommodated local cultural and business needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Leland Sandler as a businessman, consultant and business partner.”

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