What’s Important in the Timing of Establishing a Corporate Culture

Leland Sandler Coach Timing

What’s Important in the Timing of Establishing a Corporate Culture

Timing is so critical in establishing a corporate culture. Watch this clip to find out why:

Patrick:     Do you have any thoughts on culture or things that our audience of startups and entrepreneurs should think about when they’re trying to establish a culture? What’s important and not important?

Leland:      That conversation is a great conversation to have. What’s important in terms of where we want to go? What’s important about where we want to be? I want to be here because this is a place that I love coming to and I’m engaged in.

It isn’t just the technology, science or the product. What else is there? What else is important to me? Having that conversation across that small organization is not only important, but it’s a pretty easy one to have because you’re so small.

Patrick:     What’s the size in terms of number of employees where you feel like you can still mold it and it’s relatively set, where you’re talking about very minor changes after that?

Leland:      It depends on the industry. Some people say you can do it with 30 or 50 people. I think you hit an inflection point around 100 to 150. By that time, a culture is starting to cement itself. If you weren’t intentional early on, and now you want to be intentional, it’s a little harder but still manageable. Once it gets into the few hundreds, it becomes very difficult.

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