Executive Coaching

The Sandler Group Advantage

You are a senior executive. You have integrity. You are accountable. But if your entire senior team is not executing and leading with excellence, your organization will be stymied.

The Sandler Group, and it’s managing partner, Leland Sandler, works to provide an “edge” for successful senior leaders and teams.  Bringing years of organizational knowledge and wisdom, Leland can quickly assess group dynamics and individual motivations to identify how to get beyond your previously held threshold of performance or leadership.  In other words, he is a “Strength Coach” for highly skilled leaders and teams.  Leaders and teams in full growth mode are unable to be flawlessly efficient while maintaining maximum effectiveness.  Having a member of the team whose sole purpose is dedicated to maximizing performance is crucial for success in today’s marketplace.

Leland helps executive teams expand their leadership mindset (how leaders see themselves, their hidden biases, how they respond to others, how they deal with challenges and conflict, how they strategize, and how they make decisions) to match the growing complexity (with its unpredictability, volatility, and rapid change) that businesses are experiencing today.  In doing so, he helps create substantive, enduring change in leaders and cultures.

Aspire and Achieve — Permanent Excellence

The Sandler Group reaches out to a very limited number of executives in the life sciences arena. We facilitate changes in critical leadership behaviors, attitudes and practices — activating your full potential to execute with excellence. Sustainable, permanent excellence.

The Intentional Shift

Prepare to put all the cards on the table. Through a series of one-on-one engagements, Leland will:

  • Assess your leadership vision and effectiveness.
  • Identify “blind spots” and opportunities for improvement.
  • Uncover the deeply held assumptions that led to the blind spots.
  • Design a unique, personalized action plan.
  • Create “The Intentional Shift” that will install new behaviors and achieve excellence in execution.
  • Accelerate your executive team, and trigger a cascade of more efficient execution down into your organization.

Activate Your Full Potential

Engagement sessions explore key attributes and traits you can command to activate your full potential. Authenticity, courage, presence, and incisive communication must be present for you to execute and lead with excellence.

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