The Sandler Group Competitive Advantage

The Sandler Group’s competitive advantage is comprised of mainly two things. Watch this clip in which I discuss what those are:

Patrick: What is the Sandler Group’s competitive advantage?

Leland: I would say two things. One, I think I’m a strength coach, but I’m probably not alone with that analogy. That is what I’m going after. I’m trying to make someone who is good, excellent. I’m trying to do it in a way that’s faster, but at the same time better. I don’t want people to be reckless in making changes. I want to build their capacity. I want to make them bigger and stronger.

Here’s the second thing that I do. I think I’m very good at helping people see for themselves what they need to be working on and what might be amiss in their world. I think I’m very good at helping create a roadmap for how they’re going to get better. Not only how they are going to know they’re getting better, but how people around them will know that they’re getting better.

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