The Value of 360 Interviews in Individual Coaching Engagement

Leland Sandler 360 Interview

The Value of 360 Interviews in Individual Coaching Engagement

Three hundred and sixty degree feedback is something that I truly believe is essential to a business leader’s success, regardless of what level they are at. In this video, I explain exactly what 360 degree feedback is to a local San Diego business owner Patrick Henry, from, and how I use it in my coaching practice.

Patrick:     What is 360-degree feedback? Why is it important?

Leland:      One of the things that we talked about earlier was the ability to have accurate self-insight. We are all limited.

Patrick:     Well, speak for yourself, Leland.

Leland:      I stand corrected. I and perhaps others are limited in our ability to see how we show up. We have a perception of how we are, but it may not always match the perception of someone else.

That’s really what 360-degree feedback is. If it’s done well, then it’s targeted, clear questions that go into depth. It explores how this person shows up under specific circumstance and with specific people. How do they deal with decision making? How do they deal with conflict? How do they deal with influence? How do they deal with difficult and conflicting situations with stakeholders?

Patrick:     Basically with 360 you do an assessment on yourself. Your boss does an assessment. Your subordinates do an assessment, and you have peer assessments.

Leland:      True. I prefer doing those as interviews as opposed to doing them as purely an instrument. The instrument has value because it does give clarity. Everyone is answering the exact same question. But the interview goes into depth. I can get at the real meaning of what an individual has to say about my client.

Patrick:     Do you do both? Do you do an instrument and an interview? Do you just do the interview?

Leland:      The answer to the question is sometimes both. More often than not it’s just the interview, as I can get both a deeper quality of information.

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