We’ve launched our Podcast channel!


We’ve launched our Podcast channel! Subscribe now: http://epodcastnetwork.com/leland-sandler-discusses-executive-advising-and-the-sandler-group/

For our first installment, Leland Sandler joins Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio to discuss the following:

  • What is the role of an Executive Advisor?
  • What differentiates The Sandler Group?
  • What do you mean by ‘real change’?
  • What sort of clients do you tend to work with?
  • How would you describe the process that you use in your executive advising work?

PodcastBlogimageLeland is the Managing Partner and an Executive Advisor for The Sandler Group based in Del Mar, California, a management-consulting and executive advising company that focuses on improving the business aspects of the global life sciences and technology communities.