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Leland Sandler’s The Sandler Group Sponsors San Diego Opera’s FUSION Night

It was a wonderful evening at the San Diego Opera’s FUSION event last Friday…. More Info

We’ve launched our Podcast channel!

We’ve launched our Podcast channel! Subscribe now: http://epodcastnetwork.com/leland-sandler-discusses-executive-advising-and-the-sandler-group/ For our first installment, Leland Sandler joins Eric Dye… More Info

Complexity in the Workplace

The business world has gotten really complex. Not just complicated, but unpredictable and often… More Info

The Role of Executive Coaching in Organizational Transformation

Leland Sandler and the Sandler Group explain how executive advising is key to organizational… More Info

Leland Sandler presents and presides over the HR Transformation, Talent & Employee Engagement Conference– November 6-7, 2014 Zurich:

Leland’s presentation, “Deliberately Developmental Organizations™” focused on a concept to make development of each… More Info

The Sandler Group Advises San Diego Opera

Leland Sandler is starting his second year facilitating change at the San Diego Opera…. More Info

Biocom Conference / CEO Dinner Informal Discussion: “Next Steps in Your Evolution”

The Sandler Group is pleased to sponsor the CEO dinner at Biocom, Wednesday, October… More Info

Thought Leader Global Forum: Leading Corporate Strategy for a Successful and Engaged Workforce

Leland will chair the one conference in which Corporate HR Leaders and Senior Managers… More Info

Biocom/BEDC Annual HR Conference
“Executive Consulting”

This strategic-level conference is dedicated to HR professionals in the life sciences field. The… More Info

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